Tuesday, April 14, 2015

15/52 Searching for Fairies

"A portrait of my girls, once a week, every week in 2015"

Oona: trying to find fairies by blending in with the hedges
Elsa: my little bird searching for bits to build her nest


Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Easter Weekend

We had a very quiet Easter weekend, unexpectedly spent at home. Family members were sick, so our traveling plans got canceled. It was good that they did because I woke Easter morning with a stomach bug! So, it wasn't especially fun for me, but I think the kids still had a good time. I'm still feeling a bit blah-yuck, so I'll let the pictures tell the story. I hope you had a nice holiday if you celebrate, or perhaps a nice Passover, or maybe just a fine Spring weekend without snow or sickness!

The kitties were far too interested in all the contents of the Easter baskets.
My one Easter craft this year... tiny doll baskets with needle felted eggs.

A thin sheet of fresh snow covered the Earth when we woke up.

"Lussekatter" bunnies

Lemon delights, bunny buns, and colored eggs

The hunt

Trying to fly kites for the first time.

Monday, April 6, 2015

14/52 Blessings on the Day

"A portrait of my girls, once a week, every week in 2015"

Oona: blessing her new garden with a wedding
Elsa: some bury themselves in sand... others in snow... gotta use what ya got


Saturday, April 4, 2015

Spring Detox/ Renewal/ Reboot

crochet dream catcher

I spent nearly the entire day outside with my girls yesterday. It was so beautiful out and we had our first outdoor picnic of the year on the porch. We dug a wee little key hole garden for the girls decorated with stones. Oona already requested an archway to enter their garden. Of course, it's all rain and flurries today... oh poo! But I do feel recharged to get through this last lingering bit of winter.  Besides crafting my little heart out, here are some my ideas for detoxifying my life right now and taking advantage of the seasonal change. 

Spring Detox 4.0: 

- No facebook or pinterest for one week (I need some brain space!) and reduced use when I return 
- Limit internet blogging/ browsing to 30 minutes each day and not while the kids are awake
-Get outside for at least one hour each day even if the weather is not so great
- Purge toys, clothes, knick knack, general junk  and bring to thrift store
- Start chore schedule (this will help me get into a better rhythm)
-No buying new fabric or yarn until my birthday in November or my when my stash has been significantly depleted (more on that later)
- Create one painting per week
-Meditate each morning
-Work on yelling less
-Cut back on caffeine, dairy, chocolate and sweets (after Easter:)) 
-Drink more water
- Walk every morning
-Get up earlier
-List a few things I'm grateful for each day
- Sketch daily
-Set up nursing area with books, notebooks, sketchbooks, and crochet so I'm not tempted to use the internet while nursing 

So, those are my goals.... lots to work on, but I always feel the need for healthier living this time of year. I guess fresh air just makes my brain function better. 

Gratitude: watching the girls crazy dancing to the music jam in the morning
clean sheets on the bed

Recent makes for a friends new baby.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Pour Yourself a Cup of Tea

Joining in with KCCO over at Frontier Dreams.

These days there seem to be constant reminders of the impermanence all around us... muddy leaves decomposing in the garden, snow slowly melting to reveal an earth on the verge of something new,  growing children that make me tear up thinking how swiftly they change each season, each day. There are friends and acquaintances in the hospital, friends who gave birth and some who are soon to give birth. Another doll sewn, another meal made, laundry, dishes, laughing, crying... and the birds are there tweeting somewhere. The drum beats on, even when we are not able to keep the rhythm. I am trying hard to climb out from under my rock, get out in the sun, but like the Earth around me, I've not quite wakened from my winter sleep, and I can't seem to keep up with the changes that must take place. Ah well. Sleepy as I am, I must trudge through this mud season, must except that is part of the reawakening of the earth in these parts and like the daffodils hiding under ground begin to crawl upward to the surface again. How are you? How is your world? Muddy? Rainy? Sunny? Cold? Blissful? Tiresome? I'm drinking some orange tea right now and very ready for bedtime. If only the littlest was on my time clock.

 friend shared this with me, so I am sharing it with you for a little extra beauty in your day:

Sunday, March 29, 2015

12/52 and 13/52 Mud Season Ramble

Week 12
Elsa: she is a very serious little person these days
Oona: squeezing her baby oh so tightly

 "A portrait of my girls, once a week, every week in 2015 (most of the time, anyway!)"

Week 13
Oona and Elsa: a trip to big city to visit friends and then a trip to our yard to find all that mud season has to offer


Saturday, March 21, 2015

Spring is Hiding

Some handmade gifts for the girls from way back when --- Valentine's Day 2015.
Happy Spring!  It's not much like Spring here yet, save for the mud. It's still plenty cold, though I guess you could call it warm compared to the sub zero temperatures in February. I think I am always chasing rainbows this time of year. I try to employ every bright color possible in my crafting. I'm starting to feel a bit a embarrassed about all the baking we've done this winter.... mostly about all the cookies we've been eating. I'm becoming more snow woman-like than person. I told Jake the other day that this winter has made me feel very faded... both physically and mentally. I see a ghost-image of myself in the mirror... The girl's and I played on the porch the other day in the sun. It wasn't for long, the wind was pretty biting, but we needed a taste of sunlight. On the Equinox Oona and I went to pick out some seeds at the hardware store. She's going to have her own little garden this year. I can't wait for those long days in the sun digging in the dirt. I haven't started any of my seedlings yet... soon, but I wanted it to feel a little more like Spring first. (Perhaps that's a case of the chicken and the egg!)

Delicious baguettes made from this recipe and inspired by the awesome one's gifted to us by my friend Megan.  

 The preschool teacher asked me to make curtains for the classroom, and I had initially thought I'd just whip up some quick rectangles out of printed fabric, but nothing I had seemed quite right. I started thinking, "What would Oona like?" and suddenly appliqued flowers seemed to be the only answer. I was happy to bring Spring to the classroom even if it's hiding from me everywhere else!

Extra time indoors has meant lots of crafting.  I feel like there's a whole stack of projects I haven't gotten around to sharing here... that faded feeling I was talking about... lack luster about everything. And Oona draws non-stop, and Elsa is beginning to love it too, though she often prefers drawing on things other than paper... like doll faces and walls and computer screens! They've also been playing together much more... one of the good points of spending far too much time indoors. I am hopeful that we will be venturing out a lot more in the coming weeks... re-instituting daily walks... plotting and planning for our gardens, jumping in mud puddles and finding our energy again in that golden sunlight!

"Spring Flowers" by Oona